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Project-Based Learning

Welcome to Educurious!

By August 17, 2018August 20th, 2018No Comments

Welcome to the next iteration of Educurious! Several months ago, I accepted the reins at Educurious from the previous CEO, Michael Golden, who boldly led the organization from its inception seven years ago. Michael and the other founders had an innovative vision to capture the imagination and interests of youth by integrating project-based learning, connections with
real-world experts, career explorations, and technology to create meaningful learning and cultivate contemporary skills. It’s an endeavor I’m proud to continue and together with the Educurious team, we’re delighted to help design a future for students and teachers that holds no limits.

Those of you who know me well are familiar with one of my mantras: Nobody knows teaching like teachers. Teachers are the ones with the kids every day. They praise them when they do well, encourage them if they fail, and challenge kids to do more than they think they can.  Student success comes through teachers. Teachers also know what they need when it comes to high-quality instructional materials, professional development, and being connected to powerful resources and expertise.

That’s what we strive to provide here at Educurious.

In traditional learning, the teacher is the leader and the student is mostly a passive recipient. In project-based learning, students are active leaders in their own learning, with teachers guiding and advising. When a student is engaged in their own learning, curiosity and interest become the energy that drives the learning. And when teachers use interest as the energy to fuel students, they’re creating an environment for kids to thrive. Nothing motivates students as powerfully as their own personal interest in learning something they like.

Through project-based learning, students get to experience the world beyond their classroom walls. By diving into a challenging problem or question, students work their way through standards-aligned, rigorous content as they build knowledge, interact with experts via the Educurious Expert Network, and develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and self-direction. Teachers can implement Educurious curriculum as is – or modify it to meet their needs, incorporating resources and strategies they personally love. We honor the fact that teaching is a complex combination of art and science.  Our full-year courses give teachers the flexibility to meet their students where they are and engage them in their own learning.

And we don’t expect teachers to do it alone! We know through research that teachers want PD that is relevant, interactive, delivered by someone who understands their experience, and is sustained over time. With customized professional development, Educurious supports teachers as they implement project-based learning and elevate excitement in the classroom. No matter where teachers are in their PBL journey we meet them there, and at their own pace, lead the way through a curve of adoption, adaption, and innovation. You may wonder how we can understand a teacher’s needs so thoroughly? Well, we are teachers. All of our curriculum and professional learning designers started in the same place, as did I… the classroom.

Are you ready to bring your middle or high school students on a learning journey to stop a killer slime invasion? Or perhaps bust some American history myths?

Let us know. We’d love to be your partner.