Our staff are committed education specialists and dedicated change-makers.

Haewon Baik

Communications Director

What I do: Obsess over who we are, who we serve, and how best to serve them.

I’m #Educurious because… I firmly believe that education is the answer to many of the questions we have as a global community; there's a great deal of opportunity, Educurious knows it, and we're after it.

Favorite part of school: Red pencils, belonging and longing to be, getting my questions answered, generating questions, and learning all the beautiful ways to communicate what's inside.

Music I listen to: My favorite genre: Dark New Wave

Superpower: Identifying 'the point'

Favorite place in Seattle: Anywhere Seattle is.

When not at Educurious, I: Plot to change the world with a few well-grounded friends.

Previous work highlight: Operations maven at corporations large and small.

Education: Master's in Teaching, B.A. English Literature, and Project Management Certification, University of Washington

Josie Brogan

Operations Manager

What I do: Connect the dots across all areas of Educurious

I’m #Educurious because… It's never too late to learn

Favorite part of school: Art and rocking the drill team after school

Favorite book: Crime Thrillers a la John Grisham

Superpower: Cooking a meal full of love to bring together family and friends

Favorite place in Seattle: Pike Place Market – especially the flower booths

When not at Educurious, I: Test new recipes, kayak, and enjoy water views

Previous work highlight: Making Nordstrom print materials dazzle

Education: Studied business at Western Washington University

Jane Chadsey


What I do: Lead the curriculum and professional learning team, and work with school and district leaders to bring learning alive

I'm Educurious because... We’re on the edge of new pedagogy that prepares young people for their future rather than our past

Favorite part of school: Hanging out with the teacher

Superpower: My friends and family

Favorite place in Seattle: Out in the sun and close to the water

Previous work highlight: My most impactful experience was my 21 years as a teacher in Seattle Public Schools

Education: B.A., University of Washington; M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, Seattle Pacific University

Adrienne Dickinson

Curriculum Designer and Professional Learning Specialist

What I do: Design engaging project-based learning curriculum for social studies

I’m #Educurious because… Learning should be empowering!

Favorite part of school: Anytime I got to get active with my learning

Music I listen to: I'm a sucker for pop summer anthems

Superpower: Knowing the lyrics to any song

Favorite place in Seattle: Anywhere I can watch the sunset over Puget Sound

When not at Educurious, I: Embarrass my children with my dance moves

Previous work highlight: Teaching in a phenomenal community of learners!

Education: B.S., Political Science, Santa Clara University; Masters in Teaching, Seattle University

Alex Goodell

Curriculum Designer, Professional Learning Specialist, & School Partnerships Coordinator

What I do: Design novel project-based learning experiences and corresponding professional development, and build and maintain meaningful partnerships with schools and districts.

I’m #Educurious because… Learning should change lives!

Favorite part of school was... Having terrific teachers!

Favorite book: The Giving Tree

Music I listen to: Reggae, downtempo, 80's, funk, pop, hip-hop, Latin, soul, house, jazz.

Superpower: Adaptability

Favorite place in Seattle: Magnuson Park

When not at Educurious, I: Get outside!

Previous work highlight: Working in various capacities at UW (research, educational leadership, teaching)

Education: Universtity of Washington, PhD. Learning Sciences

Kris Johnston


What I do: Provide financial framework and outlook so we can grow and everyone can focus on what they do best.

I’m #Educurious because… Education can change the world and I love being a part of an organization helping to do that.

Favorite part of school: Everything. Still waiting for a time when you can be paid to be a professional student.

Music I listen to: Dave Matthews Band. And anything bluesy and country

Superpower: Focusing on details

Favorite place in Seattle: Ballard Locks. Because it means you are going or have been on an adventure.

When not at Educurious, I: Anything outdoors on skis, bikes, paddleboards, boats or my own 2 feet.

Previous work highlight: Inventorying salmon at a fish farm in Port Angeles in the middle of December

Education: BBA in Accounting from Washington State University. Go Cougs!

Elaine Klein

Curriculum Designer and Professional Learning Specialist

What I do: Make STEM fun, engaging, accessible, and relevant, in order to transform youths' possible futures.

I’m #Educurious because… I believe developing strong curriculum and relationships with educators and students are powerful forces to change the world.

Favorite part of school: Reading & Drama

Music I listen to: Anything with a good beat or twang

Superpower: Bringing out the strengths of others

Favorite place in Seattle: Carkeek Park

When not at Educurious, I: Cook, Hike, Live Music

Previous work highlight: Studying lizard genetics on South Pacific tropical islands

Education: Ph.D. Learning Sciences & Human Development, M.S. Evolutionary Biology, B.A. Ecology

Blake Konrady

Senior Program Manager

What I do: Support youth, employer, and expert facing programs

I’m #Educurious because… I care about opening doors for the young people of all communities

Favorite book: Falling Upwards

Music I listen to: 80s, hip-hop, country, classical, jazz

Superpower: Empathy

Favorite place in Seattle: University of Washington Campus

When not at Educurious, I: Spend time with my wife and young son outdoors

Previous work highlight: Being recognized as partner of the year by the National Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation for work supporting the Microsoft Autism Hiring Program

Education: M.Ed., University of Washington. Go Dawgs!

Veronica Cassone McGowan

Curriculum Designer and Professional Learning Specialist

What I do: Design authentic STEM learning opportunities for students in partnership with teachers.

I’m #Educurious because… Creating and sharing curriculum is a way to start larger conversations about teaching and learning across settings, especially with reference to broadening participation in STEM.

Favorite part of school: Field trips

Music I listen to: KEXP & KBCS

Superpower: Turning kids into scientists

Favorite place in Seattle: Washington Park Arboretum

When not at Educurious, I: Garden, Cook, Run & Yoga

Previous work highlight: Sea Turtle and Widlife Biologist

Education: Ph.D. Learning Sciences & Human Development, M.S. Biology, B.A. Political Science

Sara Nachtigal

Curriculum Designer and Professional Learning Specialist

What I do: Bring together teachers and professionals to design learning experiences that connect students to the world around them

Favorite part of school: Travel opportunities

Favorite book: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Music I listen to: KEXP and KCRW

Superpower: Functioning without much sleep

Favorite place in Seattle: Seward Park’s trails

When not at Educurious, I: Hike, bike, or backpack

Previous work highlight: Knowledge in Action research project at University of Washington

Education: Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction; M.A. in Teaching (secondary ELA); B.S., Literature & Creative Writing

Erik Robinson

Technology Specialist

What I do: I make sure all things technology run smoothly and, if they aren't, I find a way

I’m #Educurious because… I'm never done learning

Favorite part of school: Math and biology

Music I listen to: Some of my favorites are ska/punk, hip hop, dubstep, and reggae

Superpower: Making your computer do what you want it to do

Favorite place in Seattle: Bhy Kracke Park

When not at Educurious, I: Produce music, video games, and bake

Previous work highlight: Game tester at Nintendo

Education: Web development certificate


Office Dog Extraordinaire

What I do: Keep team morale high and loudly greet visitors to the office

I’m #Educurious because… I want to get my nose into everything I possibly can, literally

Favorite part of school: Getting treats when I do simple tasks

Favorite book: Anything but Old Yeller

Music I listen to: Baja Men and DMX. Specifically “Who let the Dogs Out?” and “Where my Dogs at?”

Superpower: Full-body wiggling

Favorite place in Seattle: The Greenlake Dog Park

When not at Educurious, I: Get on furniture when my parents are not watching and sneak cat food.

Previous work highlight: Shaker of many hands

Education: Certification in get human attention (seeking nose nudges and paw shakes)

Shaun Taylor

Science Advisor

What I do: Write curriculum and manage our learning management system

I’m #Educurious because… I like combining technology with the best practices for learning

Favorite part of school: Marine labs at Friday Harbor

Favorite book: Evicted

Superpower: Creative art and science

Favorite place in Seattle: Piccardo Farm Pea Patch

Previous work highlight: Science Sleuths interactive video series

Education: B.S., Zoology and Teaching, University of Washington; M.Ed., Science Education and Software, Montana State

Vicki Phillips

Senior Advisor

What I do: Make sure our work is high quality, innovative, and well-known

I’m #Educurious because… I am a life-long educator and am always curious

Favorite part of school: Geometry – it fueled my love of art, architecture, and design

Music I listen to: Jazz, blues, a little rock ‘n’ roll, and dash of country

My superpower: Melding disparate talents and creating caring cultures

When not at Educurious, I: Explore new places, perspectives, and possibilities

Previous work highlight: Teacher, Superintendent, Chief State School Officer, Director of K-12 Education – World’s Largest Foundation

Education: Doctorate in international leadership and curriculum and instruction

Our board members provide invaluable ideas, perspective, and feedback.

Janet Frohnmayer

What I do: Lead the board and work closely with our awesome CEO in Residence

I’m #Educurious because… I love its positive impact on students and teachers

Favorite part of school: Learning and student leadership

Favorite book: I’m a non-fiction geek – recent fave is So You Want To Talk About Race

Superpower: Connecting people and ideas

When not at Educurious, I: Walk with friends, travel, create art, gather people together

Current work highlight: Hiring our CEO in Residence

Previous work highlight: Eight years on the Mercer Island School Board

Education: M.B.A., B.A. in Human Biology

Carrie George

What I do: Help hire our wonderful CEO, strategize about Educurious’ future, and govern the organization

I’m #Educurious because… I want education to be engaging for all kids

Favorite part of school: Math and reading. Love the clean solutions, love the stories.

Favorite book: Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Superpower: Making people comfortable

Favorite place in Seattle: The ferries

Current work highlight: Coaching brilliant women

Previous work highlight: Owning a company with my husband

Education: B.A. in Economics, Claremont McKenna College; M.B.A., Harvard Business School

Carlos Obando

What I do: Founder, advisor, teacher, student

I’m #Educurious because… I want education to be educational and available to all

Favorite part of school: Discovering I hated algebra, but loved geometry

Favorite book: The Dreams that Stuff Is Made Of by Stephen Hawking

Music I listen to: Mostly Mozart

Favorite place in Seattle: Seattle University, Lemieux Library

When not at Educurious, I: Travel, practice Spanish

Current work highlight: Funded my third start-up!

Previous work highlight: Left investment banking in NY!

Education: Lower East Side, NYC; Harvard

Julie Zunker

What I do: Focus on programs that deliver social good around the world

I’m #Educurious because… I want to contribute to the confidence of students through mentorship

Favorite part of school: Researching and writing papers

Favorite book: A Gentleman from Moscow by Amor Towles

Superpower: I am a connector

Current work highlight: Lecturing at University Business Schools on Corporate Social Responsibility and sharing the importance of balancing social good with business impact

Previous work highlight: Working as a Field Enablement Consultant in China and India

Education: B.S., English, University of Illinois; Masters Library Information Sciences, University of Washington

Gary Plano

What I do: I am a retired educator

I’m #Educurious because… I am passionate about personalizing learning and using technology to unleash the potential in every learner

Favorite part of school: Reading stories about real people

Favorite book: The Sun Also Rises

Superpower: The Creator of the Universe

When not at Educurious, I: Take my mountain bike on a 20-mile ride

Current work highlight: The beauty of retirement is FREEDOM!

Previous work highlight: Watching the smile emerge on a learner’s face when experiencing something new

Education: Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Seton Hall University

Harriette Thurber Rasmussen

What I do: Support educators in reaching their dreams for students

I’m #Educurious because… Its tools and practices are the best I’ve seen to enable powerful learning and teaching

Favorite book: Whatever is next to my bed. Right now there are 15.

Music I listen to: Soundtracks from Hamilton and The Greatest Showman. You’d get a different answer tomorrow.

Superpower: Rising early when my brain is fresh to work

Favorite place in Seattle: Anywhere I can see (or be on) a ferry

Current work highlight: Helping teachers to learn from each other

Education: Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change

We’d like to thank our founders for their vision, passion, and hard work launching Educurious, and creating an environment for learning that connects for years to come.

Stephen Arnold

For more than 20 years, Stephen has been dedicated to improving the quality of education in America. He developed several businesses in entertainment software and digital media, and served as chairman of the Educurious board of directors. He is a co-founder of Polaris Partners, and co-founder and vice chairman of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, creators of www.edutopia.org. He serves on the boards of The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, Enlearn, Healthy Minds Innovations, and The New Mexico School for the Arts, and chairs the advisory council for The Character Lab.

Philip Bell

Phil is a professor of the Learning Sciences & Human Development and holds the Shauna C. Larson Chair in Learning Sciences at the University of Washington. His research focuses on how people learn in ways that are personally relevant to them. Phil was a member of the National Research Council Committee that authored the vision in the Framework for K-12 Science Education that is being used to guide development of Next Generation Science Standards. He directs the UW Institute for Science and Mathematics Education that conducts equity-focused R&D projects in STEM education.

Michael Golden

Michael is a proven leader committed to education reform. He is Executive Director and Senior Fellow at Catalyst @ Penn GSE, the center for innovation at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, which connects people and ideas across diverse constituencies to develop innovative ways to address persistent and emerging problems in education. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Educurious, corporate vice president of Education Products Group at Microsoft Corporation, senior vice president for strategic planning and marketing at Pearson Education, and deputy secretary with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Patricia Wasley

Pat started as a high school English teacher in Perth, West Australia, and has taught in all kinds of schools. She has been a curriculum designer, a public school administrator, a university faculty member, a researcher, and a higher ed administrator. She was Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Bank Street College and of the University of Washington’s College of Education. After leaving higher ed, Pat was a founding member on teams which created Educurious and Teaching Channel. She now concentrates on projects that are likely to improve educator’s capacity to make school an exciting place to be. As a learner, Pat is trying to learn to draw.