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Giving students voice and choice

Project-based learning creates an environment where students have agency in their learning — acquiring knowledge and engaging in projects fueled by their own interests. Students are inspired to gain content knowledge in core subjects, while also building skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Research suggests project-based learning improves student outcomes.

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The journey begins with a driving question.

In each Educurious course, students are challenged with problems to solve that pique their curiosity. Students are learning detectives, working independently or collaboratively with their peers. Teachers provide scaffolding and guidance as students investigate the problem and propose solutions.

Here's how it works:

1. Launch to learn

Big ideas spark engagement. Students are introduced to a driving question that embodies the big idea of the project, and embark on their learning journey.

2. Investigate, illuminate

Guided exploration builds knowledge. As their teacher provides purposeful instruction, students grapple more deeply with the question, building core content knowledge and developing skills through investigation and collaboration.

3. Define, design

Reflection and testing inspire ideas. Students use the knowledge they’re collecting to form and test hypotheses, analyze and refine their thinking, and begin to build their product. Teachers continue to engage students in activities to deepen learning, and expert chimes in with information and inspiration.

4. Create, celebrate!

Creation feeds a love of learning. Students fine-tune and present their projects in response to the driving question, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and provide supporting evidence. They share their findings with their classroom, school, and parents, as well as over social media and even in the local news. Students celebrate, ready for their next learning challenge, ready for almost anything.

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