Middle School Science / 7th Grade

Habitat Wanted

Why are animals important to the places where they live, and what would they need to survive in a new place?

As an anchoring phenomenon for this unit on interactions within ecosystems, students are introduced to a bat colony in Houston, Texas, that was displaced after Hurricane Harvey in 2017. By revisiting the story of the bats over the course of the unit, students consider the driving question: 

After a habitat is destroyed, what do animals need to survive in a new place? For the final product of the unit, students take on the role of animal habitat experts to design a habitat plan for a population displaced from a particular disaster.

Unit length: 5 weeks (25 hours)

"I think our primary goal, is student engagement, where they are wanting to learn for learning sake, and not because they are afraid of what's due or a grade. With Educurious, they are not motivated by that, but instead they are motivated, truly, from the material itself."

Sandi, Teacher
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