High School Biology / 9th and 10th Grade

Documenting Climate Change

What are the ecological impacts of climate change?

In this unit, students investigate the driving question: What are the ecological impacts of climate change? In Module 1, students explore the social context of climate change. They will also answer the question What is causing climate change? by examining the greenhouse effect and the types of human activities that emit greenhouse gases. In Module 2, students explore the scientific evidence for climate change and use computation climate models to visualize current climate impacts and future predictions. Students leverage these models as they design an experiment to test the impact of climate change on plant health and survival. In Module 3, students research the ecological impacts of climate change on seasonal cycles and global species. Lastly, in Module 4, students create a documentary film to communicate the impacts of climate change on a case study species.

Unit length: 8 Weeks (40 hours)

"I feel really confident that I can take on anything that I want to do in the future because of what I've learned how to do in this class."

Maria, Student
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