High School Biology / 9th and 10th Grade

Contemporary Approaches to Genetics

How can DNA barcoding help identify species and solve public health problems?

Students complete background research on a species identification problem of their choice, design a DNA barcoding investigation, collect DNA sequence data, and then write a scientific abstract for their study.

Key content: mitosis, meiosis, Punnett squares, transcription, translation, DNA

Unit length: 7-9 Weeks

Read our standards summary for an overview of the course and its alignment to Common Core and/or Next Generation Science Standards.

"I think the Educurious curriculum has helped to prepare students for their final by giving them concrete experiences to associate the material with. If I asked them a question about something like: 'What the meaning of the sequence of bases in DNA is?' The answer is something they can tie into one of the labs -and they can think about what the DNA sequence meant in the bar coding project, and that helps them to recall that information a little bit more easily."

Tom, Teacher
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