Middle School Science / 7th Grade

Risky Rays

Why are some people “allergic” to the sun?

After being introduced to a boy who is “allergic” to the sun due to a rare genetic disorder, students learn the principles of genetics and inheritance in order to answer the driving question: Why are some people “allergic” to the sun? Teams study a genetic disorder of their choice, then design an event, a product, a tool, or other creation that would address the needs of someone with this disorder. For their final product, students pitch this idea to an audience using a slide deck presentation.

Unit length: 6 weeks (30 hours)

"I think our primary goal is student engagement, where they are wanting to learn for learning's sake, and not because they are afraid of what's due or a grade. With Educurious they are motivated, truly, from the material itself."

Sandi, Teacher
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