Middle School Science / 7th Grade

Pesky Pests

Why are pests “bugging” us more, and what can we do about it?

In this culmination of our 7th grade series, students act as population biologists to consider the ways that humans have attempted to combat the world’s deadliest animal: the mosquito. Students learn the basics of natural selection as they answer this unit’s driving question: Why are pests “bugging” us more, and what can we do about it? For their final project, students collaborate to create a two-to-three-minute video about a pest of their choice that speaks to the local, regional, and global impacts of that pest.

Unit length: 3-4 weeks (15-22 hours)

"I think our primary goal is student engagement, where they are wanting to learn for learning's sake, and not because they are afraid of what's due or a grade. With Educurious they are motivated, truly, from the material itself."

Sandi, Teacher
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