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Statement of Solidarity With the Asian American & Pacific Islander Community

By March 31, 2021April 19th, 2021No Comments
Dear Friends and Partners,
Last summer, the Educurious team wrote a Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Anti-Racism following the murder of George Floyd. In that statement, we used the following quote from Amanda Misiko Andere, CEO of Funders Together to End Homelessness.
“As imperfect and problematic as their words might be, I needed them [the white community] to speak out: to speak out to other white people, to honor that the work of being anti-racist is to sit and listen without defense or fragility to people of color with lived expertise, to study and understand the racialized history of our country. Then when the time is right, to consistently and persistently speak and act loudly and boldly and be more than an ally but a co-conspirator for our shared liberation.”
It’s time to speak out and act loudly and boldly again.
Two weeks ago, on March 16, we found ourselves in pain and anguish after the heartbreaking mass shooting in Atlanta that left eight people dead, including six women of Asian descent. While this horrific event has put the issue of systemic racism against Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) into the foreground, this is not the first time our AAPI friends, neighbors, and colleagues have lived in fear for their lives. We have a long history of discrimination and violence toward the AAPI community. In the last year alone, hate crimes against AAPI people surged by nearly 150%, according to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. This is unacceptable.
So, what should we do? The article How to take action against anti-Asian racism at work and in your personal life offers some guidance.
Here are the actions we are committed to:
  • Acknowledge anti-Asian racism. We have to keep talking about race to understand the unique experiences of marginalized communities of color in the United States. We plan to learn more. We hope you will too.
  • Educate ourselves on the history of anti-Asian racism. We will find our own educational resources, not ask our AAPI friends and colleagues to expend their own emotional labor to teach us.
  • Check in with AAPI friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Rather than simply ask, “How are you?”, we will provide meaningful support. Ways to do this might be to offer our time, take something off a colleague’s plate, or pitch in on a project.
  • Support AAPI businesses. They have been disproportionately impacted during the pandemic due to rising anti-Asian xenophobia.
  • Make a long-term commitment to being anti-racist. At Educurious, we will continue our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization. This includes designing curricular resources to support students and teachers in anti-racist educational practices.
We must all stand against hate. We will continue this work with our colleagues across the nation. We will be looking inward and reaching out. We hope you will too.
With enduring commitment and solidarity,
Jane Chadsey
Educurious, CEO