Seattle Youth Employment Initiative

Educurious is working on behalf of the City of Seattle to identify employer partners for the Seattle Youth Employment Initiative. We are looking for organizations across all sectors to host paid internships for young people ages 14 – 24. Learn more about the City of Seattle's Youth Employment Initiative here.

When you host an intern, your organization receives:

  • Access to pre-screened young people receiving on-going career readiness support from counselors
  • In-person and online trainings for supervisors to create an effective internship experience
  • Recognition by the Mayor’s Office as an employer partner
  • A meaningful opportunity to provide young people in our community with career experience, training, and visibility into new career pathways

  • Host an Internship

    Employer Resources


    Many young people experience little connection between their lives in and out of school, or their interests and future aspirations. This can result in academic disengagement, lack of career awareness and planning, and poor preparedness for future careers. Seattle experiences chronic dropout rates, substantial need for academic remediation in or prior to college, and persistent opportunity and graduation rate gaps that are too frequently tied to race and class. At three times the general unemployment rate, young people in our community are missing critical income and first-time employment experiences that can connect them to future education and career opportunities.

    At the same time, local employers are struggling to connect with qualified workers: nearly 70% of employers report that graduates are deficient in critical thinking and problem solving skills essential to successful job performance. The data are even more challenging with opportunity youth who have not graduated from high school or college. Paid-internship opportunities provide enhanced educational opportunities that prepare our youth for successful careers with local employers.

    With a successful track record of connecting real world career experiences with educational opportunities, Educurious is responsible for promoting and managing the development of employment opportunities. Educurious is the single point of contact for employers to connect with the city's youth programs and other youth serving organizations preparing young people to enter our workforce.

    The Seattle Youth Employment Initiative asks public, private, and non-profit organizations to come together and make a commitment to our young people. Help us remove the barriers preventing too many young people from discovering professional pathways.


    Pledge your paid internship opportunities to the 2017 Seattle Youth Employment Initiative. We want to acknowledge our community and business partners for the work they are already doing to provide employment opportunities to young people. Help us create stronger internship programs across the city dedicated to supporting all young people in our community.

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