The Educurious Expert Network

Our experts mentor students as they solve contemporary challenges.

Through The Educurious Expert Network, professionals engage with and give concrete feedback to students as they solve contemporary challenges as part of our integrated solution. These connections give students a firsthand look at an amazing universe of career possibilities. Our experts include lawyers, nonprofit leaders, business executives, film directors, biologists, writers and chemists, among others.

Together with our project-based learning and technology, The Educurious Expert Network is core to our proven integrated solution that captures the imagination and interest of students and connects them to a wide world of possibilities. Everyone benefits: Experts are able to give back in meaningful, inspiring ways, and students have the opportunity to build powerful networks with a transformational impact on their learning experiences and their futures.

See the range of roles Experts play below, and apply to be an Expert!

Corporations, Governments, Municipalities, Educational & Professional Institutions

If you are looking for ways to create a pipeline of skilled workers while improving and maintaining employee engagement, Educurious has a variety of solutions to help you reach your goals. Contact us to learn more about sponsorship and volunteer opportunities with The Educurious Expert Network.

1-to-1 or 1-to-Many

Work virtually with a student or group of students providing real-world feedback on projects.

Beam Experts

Engage live in question and answer sessions with students via video conference.

Recorded Experts

Record a statement or challenge for students to use during class.

How Students Connect

Career Connection

Career Connection

By connecting students in school with experts at work in the world, we give them an invaluable window into professions. Students are able to explore an expanding universe of career paths and possibilities while developing skills, knowledge and relevance in their coursework.

Project Connection

Project Connection

Experts, corporate partners, teachers and students post descriptions of projects in their specific fields on the Educurious project database. Students team up with experts to solve these challenges. Through this project work, students gain a better understanding of the demands of a given field so they can create informed career paths and powerful networks for the future.

Recorded Experts in Action

Drawing and Writing

An award-winning author and illustrator talks about the process of bringing an idea to life in words and pictures.

Writing About Science

A science writer talks about the strategies she uses to bring scientific concepts to life.

Cell Division

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist details the path that led to his discoveries.

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