100K Opportunities Initiative

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative (100K) is connecting opportunity youth with education-friendly employment as they work towards building skills and earning educational credentials in five demonstration cities nationwide.

In the Seattle/King County region, Educurious, in partnership with the Community Center for Education Results, is serving as the backbone organization for the initiative. The 100K work kicked off with an Opportunity Fair & Forum on May 5, 2016. This event connected over 1,500 of the region’s youth with 20 employers, an array of youth-serving agencies, and professional services for a day of on-the-spot hiring, mock interviews, resume preparation, and presentations from employers. Approximately 700 job offers were extended to 370 of the attendees.

What is an Opportunity Youth?

Opportunity youth are defined as young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are disengaged from education or employment, and face significant barriers to maintaining connections to school and work. Nationally, there are 5.6 million youth fitting this description; 18,800 of them are in Seattle and South King County.

Support Opportunity Fairs in the Region

Educurious partners with workforce development and social service agencies in the region to support opportunity fairs in which youth are connected to employment and supportive services.

Connect Low-Income College and Re-engagement Students with Education Friendly Jobs

Connecting the supply of opportunity youth to the demand for employees is a large part of the initiative’s mandate. To this end, we foster connections between our employer-partners and education programs in the region to facilitate the linking of youth to education-friendly jobs and developmental workplace experiences.

Develop and Promote Creative Advancement Strategies Within and Across Employers

Matching young people to jobs is just the start. Without support to overcome barriers to maintaining connections to school and work, many opportunity youth face a steep uphill climb to self sufficiency. Educurious works with employer-partners to undertake workplace innovations in the interest of supporting employees. We assist employers in assessing the impact of their innovations and help them inform the marketplace of their work.

Capture Data and Communicate Success Stories

Educurious collects and analyzes data on the work of the 100K Opportunities initiative to inform and refine ongoing efforts, advocate for lasting changes to the opportunity landscape for young people, and celebrate the impact of our work.
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